When it comes to advertising communication channels most business owners are fixated on her the following forms: ad units and ads in local newspapers , magazine articles , radio ads , television commercials , banner and contextual advertising on the Internet .

However , it should be noted that even when using these often expensive, communication channels advertisers themselves greatly restrict the response of potential customers.

The reason for the low potential customer response is the following : Continue reading

Partnership in businessToday pondered this theme as “Partnership in business .” Question multifaceted and ambiguous . At some point, you may feel that your partner – is a reinforced concrete wall and your rear. But in fact, no one is immune from controversy , co-owner of passivity and even his betrayal. Be the sole owner or join efforts , resources, investments , to develop “their” direction , instead of working on his evolution? Continue reading

About creating a brand "for centuries"Specifics of the Ukrainian market is that the marketing chaos that Europe and America have experienced a long time and who has remained outside the memory of the present generations , our consumer saw with my own eyes . Saw – and remained in the firm belief that trust can only be a matter of brand with a long history . The process of “crystallization” of long-term Ukrainian brands is just beginning, and given that it occurs in an environment where there are global giants , successful “diamonds” will be able to grow very little . Continue reading

Insanely easy. Inspiring examples of AppleThere are books that encourage us to act , to rise above itself and constantly improve . It is influenced by Ken Segal’s book ” Insanely easy. Inspiring examples of Apple ».

Ken Segal for many years has been the creative director of marketing agency , working at Apple in the days of Steve Jobs. The book takes us right into the conference room at Apple, where there is a discussion of birth and revolutionary marketing concepts and strategies. Continue reading

credit contraryAnalysis of trends in the Ukrainian economy to Do occupation is not only interesting , but also useful. At least – that’s one way to see new horizons where seemingly opportunities and so are used by 100%.

I see that for four years , starting in 2010 ( when the country began to move away a bit from the 2008 crisis ), there is a clear increase in the life insurance market . Continue reading

The pursuit of wealth - running in place?Squirrel runs in a rapidly swivel wheel. Then gaining momentum , then slows down , but never for a moment stopped. Do you know what she thinks ? The fact that there is , from the top, there is a platform on which it will be able to lie down and relax. Although , in order to rest, she should just stop running … To paraphrase a great writer Allen Carr , we can say that at the end of a string of humanity runs beggar man from Zimbabwe who can not read and write, and is headed by a string of Bill Gates, does not need to representation. And everyone else – somewhere in between. Someone a little closer to the leader , someone to underdog . Continue reading